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About Us

The Plano African American Museum is nestled in the historic Douglass Community located in one of the most diverse cities in Texas. Over the years, as the great city of Plano progressed, the museum however dwindled and hasn't been open to the public for years. Still, the community continued to celebrate the rich history, heritage, and culture of African - Americans in the Douglass Community.


This online museum is a collection of contemporary, historical, and modern history.  We encourage you to read through all exhibits with an open mind, open heart, and willingness to learn more. As you explore each exhibit, we hope you can help us collectively combat the Myth of Absence - a theory that states if we are not talking about "it", then "it" never happened.


The truth is, African - Americans helped to build, construct, develop, and maintain this great nation starting locally in our very own cities. Let's start talking, sharing, and spotlighting the contributions so that we can appreciate how far we have all come as a community, and as a nation. 

Remember, Black History is American History, and celebrating the accomplishments of all Americans is what makes our country the best in the world! Let's grow together and learn more from one another! 

Our 2021 Exhibits:

  • Plano African American Museum (PAAM)A time capsule exhibit from the Plano African American Museum building located in the Douglass Community

  • Founding Families: First-hand experiences and interviews from the Founding Families

  • HERitage: Historical, Modern, and Contemporary contributions of African - American women 

  • Trailblazers: African - Americans in North Texas that were pioneers in their professional, civic or social roles in the community

  • Influencers: Ordinary citizens doing extraordinary things to help improve the lives of African - Americans 

  • Disrupters: People, events & movements that made a significant impact by addressing civil rights, liberty, and equality issues 

Special Thanks

This project couldn't have been completed without the support & help of amazing people! Thank you to all the volunteers, community focused friends, museums & local businesses that helped make this experience possible! Click Here for a special message from Zara 

- The Project Team [Dollie, David, Dr. Thomas, Zara]

Recent Exhibits

Black History Timeline 1
Black History Timeline 2
Black History Timeline 3
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