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Founding Families Exhibit Q&A

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Welcome to the online exhibit for the Plano African American Museum!

The Founding Families exhibits are first-hand experiences and interviews from the Founding Families & First Black Settlers of Plano which includes the Thomas, Drake, Stimpson, Davis & Thorton, families

1. Who are some of the people currently included in this exhibit?

  • Eleonor Stimpson - Drake (Descendant of Founding Families)

  • Andie Stimpson (Descendant of Founding Families)

  • Dr. Tamara Thomas (Descendant of Founding Families)

  • Dollie Thomas (Descendant of Founding Families)

  • Toni Thomas (Descendant of Founding Families)

  • Baby Doll (Descendant of Founding Families)

  • David Evans (Descendant of Founding Families)

  • James Thomas Jr. III (Descendant of Founding Families)

  • Sarge Stimpson (Descendant of Founding Families)

2. What do these people have in common?

The people highlighted are directly related to the First Black Settlers of Plano which includes the Thomas, Drake, Stimpson, Davis & Thorton, families. The content in this exhibit is a combination of historical, contemporary, and modern.

3. Why was it important to highlight the Founding Families?

A Founding Family is a term to describe a person or a group of people that either found or established an important piece of history, community, institution, or ignited a movement. Throughout history, the term 'Founding Family' can describe family - relationships or parties that have come together over time that works together on a common goal. The Plano Public Library along with many publications over the years have provided articles about family members, but for students that are looking to find a hub of information, this exhibit saves time but centralizing the contributions of the Founding Families.

We encourage writers, bloggers, content producers, magazine, and other exhibits to submit your content to any Founding Family member so that we can continue to inspire others locally of the legacy carried out by the Thomas, Drake, Stimpson, Davis & Thorton families

4. Why was it important to dedicate an entire collection to Founding Families?

Dedicating an exhibit towards founding families isn't uncommon! We're actually leveling the playing field! Remember in first grade when you learned about the "Four-Fathers of the United States", or throughout history when countries were established and "Founded by Families"? Every native New Yorker understands the legacy of the Rockefellers right? Founding families and platforms to keep the contribution of the families in a centralized platform isn't something new, in fact, we are actually "late to the party" when it comes to lineage societies. Here are some of the founding families from our friends in New York that have taught us to embrace, keep track and continue to celebrate lineage.

5. Why is history important?

Our favorite definition of history is this: Studying history enables us to develop a better understanding of the world in which we live. Building knowledge and understanding of historical events and trends, especially over the past century, enables us to develop a much greater appreciation for current events today.

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1 Comment

Zara, Im so happy to see that you have taken on this project! I am historian for the Plano Old City Cemetery and the adjoining Davis Cemetery. Ive been wanting to get into the Museum for years! Please join our facebook page Plano Old City Cemetery Friends. I have been trying to identify the unmarked graves in both cemeteries.

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