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The Plano African American Museum

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

About this Exhibit:

The following images and videos will help you learn more about the artifacts inside the psychical building located at 900 13th Street, Plano, TX 75074 location next to the Stimpson - Drake Park in the historic Douglass Community.

For this exhibit:

  1. Watch the video

  2. Complete the Exhibit Activity & Questions


Part 1:

Watch the Video

Part 3 Exhibit Activity & Questions:

  1. Where is the Plano African - American Museum located?

  2. What is the vision of PAAM?

  3. Who owned by the Thornton Home before the Thorntons?

  4. When did PAAM open?

  5. What happened to the New Birth Baptists Church?

  6. What are some features of the

  7. Where is the Hill Chapel Church located?

  8. Where is the Shiloh Baptist Church located?

  9. What will be located in the chicken coop and what is the significance of features like this?

  10. What is the goal of the PAAM?


Plano African American Museum

Douglass Visions Committee

Zara Jones


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