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Mayor Harry LaRosiliere, Plano's First Black Mayor

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Mayor Harry LaRosiliere, Plano's First Black Mayor

About this exhibit:

  1. Learn about Mayor Harry

  2. Listening to Learn: Watch the Video Interview

  3. Complete the Exhibit Exercises

Harry LaRosiliere [pronounced La - Ross - i - Lee - Air] (born May 6, 1962) is the 39th and current mayor of Plano, Texas. He was elected in 2013.[1] He was born in Haiti and grew up in Harlem. In New York City, he attended Corpus Christi Catholic School, Cardinal Hayes High School, and graduated from the City College of New York in 1985 with a Bachelor of Science in Geology.[2][3]

Mayor LaRosiliere was born in Haiti and moved to New York with his family when he was three years old. Although he became a United States citizen at age 18 he often states, "Obtaining the naturalization papers was a formality because I was already an American in my heart, mind, and soul. Being an American meant that I could accomplish anything I chose to do and the only boundaries that existed were the ones I built."

In 1985, he graduated from City College of New York with a degree in geology. He decided to pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions while running a successful photography studio for eight years. In 1994 he came to Plano to join his future wife and immediately became involved in community service. He volunteered with various non-profit groups followed by service on a variety of City boards and commissions before he became a City Council Member.

LaRosiliere moved to Texas in 1994 and became a financial advisor. He served two terms on the Plano City Council from 2005 to 2011 and was the former planning and zoning commissioner.[3] In the election, he went up against Fred Moses, the Collin County Republican Party Chairman.[4] He successfully ran for re-election in the 2017 elections.[5]

Mayor LaRosiliere is a financial advisor with a global wealth management firm. He often says, "My life is a three-legged stool with family, work, and public service which rests on my faith." He lives a life of passion so he can contribute the most he can. With all of his accomplishments, he is most proud of his family. He especially enjoys spending time with his wife Tracy, and their two daughters, Brianna and Maya. Source:

Listening to Learn:

Zara Jones, Blogger & Senior at Plano West Highschool sits down with Mayor Harry LaRosiliere, Plano's First Black Mayor to talk about his life growing up, impressionable moments in his life, and the challenges of being the first Black Mayor of Plano.

After watching the video, don't forget to complete the exhibit exercise.

Exhibit Activities & Discussions:

  1. Where was Mayor Harry LaRosiliere born and when did he move to New York City?

  2. What did Mayor LaRosiliere think he wanted to be when he becomes older?

  3. Who were some of the people that influenced the young Harry LaRosiliere to choose his course of study?

  4. What made Mayor Harry LaRosiliere want to get into politics?

  5. Who was the first Black Mayor of New York City?

  6. What challenges did Mayor Harry LaRosiliere face on the campaign trail?

  7. Why was Mayor Harry LaRosiliere's first term campaign a historic one?

  8. What were some challenges that Mayor Harry LaRosiliere faced as Plano started to attract younger professionals?

  9. What were some of the challenges that Mayor Harry LaRosiliere faced during the 2020 pandemic?

  10. What were some of the challenges that Mayor Harry LaRosiliere faced during the peak of what some historians call the "Racial Awaking of the United States" as the nation responded to police brutality, social injustice, and systemic racism? What perspective was Mayor Harry LaRosiliere able to offer, and how did he implement programs to ensure generational change?

  11. What can we learn from Mayor Harry LaRosiliere regarding the internship program that is offered through his office?

  12. What is the name of the college that is partnered with Plano?

  13. What is an HBCU and why is it important to support it?

  14. What are some leadership qualities we can learn from Mayor Harry LaRosiliere?

  15. Why is it important to vote?


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