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Dear Parents: Let's Combat The Myth of Absence Together By Sharing Black History

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Listening to Learn:

This exhibit has 3 videos from the Kinsey Collection; the largest private collection of African - American history dating back to the 1500s. Watch each video with an open heart and open mind. We hope that these videos will help you explore, learn, share and teach others about the contributions of all people.


What is the Myth of Absence?

A theory that states if we are not talking about "it", then "it" never happened. It means being "invisibly present".

Watch the Video

When Bernard and Shirley Kinsey were married in 1967, the couple set a goal of visiting 100 different countries during their life together. While traveling and exploring other countries and cultures, Bernard and Shirley began collecting art and artifacts as treasured memories of their travel experiences. As their collection grew, they soon realized that there were so many aspects about their own cultural heritage that they did not know or collect. Their passion for world culture led them to want to understand and develop a deeper connection with their own African American history and culture.

Through countless travels and life-changing experiences, the Kinsey’s journeys brought them back home, leading them to study, and then collect objects that share their own heritage, arts, and culture. Today, The Kinsey African American Art & History Collection travels the globe as an award-winning museum exhibition – lead by the stewardship of Bernard, Shirley, and Khalil Kinsey. The exhibit celebrates the achievements and contributions of black Americans from before the formation of the United States to present times. Learn More About the Kinsey Collection Here

Video #1: Bernard Kinsey

Video #2: Tenacity of Hope

Video #3: A Young Girl With So Many Dreams

Video #4: Exhibitions Celebrating Contributions of Black People (Morgan Freedman, Whoopi Goldberg & Khalil Kinsey)

Exhibit Activity:

  1. What did you learn from video 1?

  2. What did you learn from video 2?

  3. What did you learn from video 3?

  4. What commitment will you make to combat the myth of absence?

  5. What exhibits will you visit?

  6. How can you help others understand pieces of history?

  7. How has this experience changed the way you think about history?

Bonus Activity:

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